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What's this about?

We are asking you, our small (yet tremendously talented), alumni community, to consider donating to QUCAA's operations so we can build a stable footing to serve your needs and keep you connected to the rest of  this group of brilliant, caring, hilarious, adventurous, intellectual, beautiful humans!

The funds will be used to:

  1. Cover our annual operating costs  e.g. nonprofit registration, website hosting, digital workspace and cloud storage, etc.
  2. Pay back our early board members who paid for our operating costs over the past 4 years (thank you!).
  3. Offer a small stipend to Board members $300/year each. More details below. To be approved at the AGM on Sun, May 29, 2022.
  4. Hire technical help. We hope to hire alumni! — e.g. web developers, graphic designers, legal help when needed, etc.
  5. Expand our programs, events and services further— e.g. reunions, retreats, book clubs, workshops, guest tutors, you name it!

BONUS! Marjorie Wonham will match your donations 1:1 (doubled)!

Our ultimate goal is to raise CA$500/month from you for multiple projects that we've detailed below.

100% of the money you donate below goes to QUCAA. There are no platform or transaction fees, just optional tipping. Though, your bank may charge you an international currency conversion fee.

Complete the form below now to become a monthly donor.

Read through until the end of this page for full details on who, what, where, why.

Why Monthly Donations?

We decided to ask you for recurring monthly donations (ideally lasting for a year or more) because a regular inflow of funds is crucial for nonprofits like us. As a result,  we can better predict how much we'll have in the pot for programming and how much to keep so we can continue to grow our savings.

Setting up recurring donations allows our members to commit to a substantial sum over time, but in smaller payments that don't break the bank.

We wanted to state this explicitly: you are free to cancel any recurring donation at any time. No questions asked!

What about Marjorie?

In 2017, Marjorie Wonham, Quest Faculty member and longtime supporter of us Quest alumni, donated $10,000 to QUCAA (thank you Marjorie!) with one condition: each dollar of her donation had to be matched by another dollar, donated by an alumni member, before we could use it.

Thus far, we have "unlocked" $3,656.75, which continues to sustain the association today.

Remaining: $6,343.25 remains locked until we raise further funds.

This means your donation will DOUBLED!

Just like that. Magic Marjorie.

The'Mason Jars Runneth Over' Model

Below, we've listed the projects we would love to undertake, plus their estimated cost. All the projects are listed in order of priority, as selected by the Board. The amount of money we raise will dictate which projects (or "jars") we get to execute.

For example, Jar 1 (Project 1) is what all donations will go to first. Then, any leftover funds will "overflow" into Jar 2, and so forth.

We named it the 'mason jar' model as a tribute to our days on the Quest campus, where Mason jars were also students.

Check it out:

Fundraising Goals

We've broken down the cost of each project into what it would cost in monthly donations.

Annual costs for the upcoming year (from June 2022 to May 2023) are indicated in parentheses. All values are in Canadian dollars (CAD)

*Note: numbers below include Marjorie’s matching donation.*

Jar I: Cover our Basic Infrastructure

This includes all the sexy administrative costs of staying active. That includes filing annual reports with authorities for our non-profit registry, having a website, and for the digital workspace we use on a daily basis to communicate and keep our records — plus a buffer for miscellaneous expenses, which come up from time to time.

Estimated costs for the upcoming year, in order of priority. 

  1. Annual reports filing ($52/yr): $2.17/mo
  2. Google Workspace ($52.44/yr): $2.19/mo
  3. Website ($268.27/yr): $11.18/mo
  4. Buffer/Miscellaneous ($100/yr): $4.17/mo

TOTAL: $ 19.70/month ($472.71 /year)

Jar II: Settle outstanding debt 

Since our inception, individual board members have personally covered the costs of operations while we got off the ground. The association is thus in debt to two of its past directors.

Over 50% of this debt could be covered by funds already available to the association. However, without a sustainable source of funding, both the board and the debtors decided to wait before reimbursing them. This situation changes once the expenses listed in the first goal above can be covered through monthly donations.

TOTAL: $ 42/mo ($1011/yr)

Jar III: Remuneration for work

Since day one QUCAA has run on 100% volunteer energy, but this model is starting to show its limitations: volunteer directors are becoming harder to find, can’t always commit consistently, and sometimes lack the technical skills to be efficient. It has led to inconsistent delivery of programs and services for alumni, lower ambitions for the association, and volunteer burnout on occasion. 

We think it is time to compensate people who provide work for the association, and we propose to do this in two ways. First, by giving even a nominal remuneration to our directors, we will make the board more inclusive, and more consistent in its ability to deliver for you. Second, by offering up paid contracts to alumni who are skilled in a particular field, we can relieve the board, and allow them to focus on what they do best.

  1. Six $300 stipends per year ($1800/yr): $ 75/month
  2. Project hiring budget ($2000/yr): $84/month

TOTAL: $ 159/mo ($3800/yr)

Jar IV: Expand Programs for YOU

With basic operations, outstanding debt, and human resources covered, we will be well-poised to expand our programs. This includes more regular online events with a budget that would allow for more guests, better prizes etc.

We also want to fund regular in-person meet-ups across the planet, as well as bigger events such as concerts, parties, retreats, etc.

Aside from events, this budget would allow us to start new initiatives, such as free access to Masterclass programs for members, funded clubs, book exchange, print newsletter, swag, and more.

The point is, there is no shortage of great ideas. We are limited by our budget in what we can offer alumni. 

  1. Monthly online events ($1800): $ 75/month
  2. In-person events around the world ($3000): $ 125/month
  3. New initiatives ($1000): $ 42/month

TOTAL: $ 242/mo ($5800/yr)

Jar V: Scholarships and Endowments Funds

Last year, we established our first scholarship as an association to support Quest students with ambitious Keystone projects. Based on the success of the first round of scholarships, we plan to continue this work for as long as the need exists, which requires consistent funding. Therefore, we think it would be a good thing for QUCAA to have funds to support such programs or others in the future. That’s why all donations beyond the previous goal will go directly into our endowment fund for the alumni association’s future objectives. 

  1. Keystone Scholarship Fund ($1000/yr): $ 42/month
  2. Alumni Association Endowments: unspecified

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