QUAA represents a worldwide network of professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and activists connected by a shared experience of undergraduate liberal arts education in the shadow of the Coastal Mountains.

Community Building

Our mission is to support a thriving, global network across our membership and to promote a community culture of curiosity, life-long learning, and engagement.


We aim to provide a forum for alumni to continue to collaborate despite no longer living and learning together in Squamish.


QUCAA is a line of communication between the Quest administration and alumni. We help alumni navigate applying to graduate school with a non-conventional undergraduate degree.

Alumni Stories & News


Celebrating Dee’s Questiversary

Big shoutout to Chloe Lee Rowlands (‘20) who asked us to share this message with you. We love Dee, she’s been there for us since day 1 with her desk trinkets and wealth of information. It’s almost her 12th anniversary with Quest, so we’re letting her know we love her by sharing our favourite memories!


At The Intersection of Dance, Research, and War

Artist and educator Ahalya Satkunaratnam in discussion with ArtSpring’s Dance Outreach Coordinator Aina Yasué.


What on earth is going on with Primacorp?

Story coming soon.


Alumni Spotlight: Megan and Sadie

Catch up with with Megan Frank '20 and Sadie Ainsworth '20 who co-founded the Trailhead Gear Exchange, an outdoor consignment shop based in Missoula, Montana.


Social Entrepreneurship with Mala Giridhar

Do you often wish you could contribute to your community in a meaningful way, or wish you could solve a persistent social problem, but don't know where to begin, or how to fund it? Enter Mala Giridhar, clinic psychologist and serial entrepreneur.


Farewell Krista

Join us as we bid adieu to Krista as she steps down from her position in the Quest Student Affairs Office.


Keystone Scholarship: Gurbani Kaur

Learn about QUCAA's first keystone scholarship recipient, Gurbani Kaur, and her keystone "Reconceptualizing the 'Immigrant Problem' Through the Squamish-Sikh Diaspora."


Keystone Scholarship: Adam Achs

Explore keystone scholarship recipient Adam Achs's keystone, "Using Non-Optimized Oxyhydrogen Systems to Lower the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Caused by Personal Vehicles."