The Quest University
Alumni Association

Our Mission

The Quest University Alumni Association was founded in 2017 when a group of alumni recognized the need to establish an alumni-oriented community independent of Quest. Our mission is to:


2020 has been a trip, and we've  used this year to quietly work in the background and strengthen our organisation. Below are some of the most recent projects we've been working on.

The Future

Our primary limitation to providing services is financial – we’re currently covering our operational costs out-of-pocket. For 2021, we have a team dedicated to applying to grants, working on financial partnerships, and fundraising to support bigger, better projects – like the ones below!


In 2020, we restructured our team to include executive leadership, and we added an additional 7 members.

Eva Schipper, 2016
Executive Director

Johannes Bodendorfer, 2019
Director of Operations

Raoul Vande Vyvre Tillieux, 2018
Director of Finance

Josie Bauman, 2019

Xaviera Diaz, 2016

Barbara Fernandes, 2017

Niall Hart, 2020

Zanna Kortenhof, 2020

Caitlin Mooney-Fu, 2015

Easton Smith, 2013

Since the alumni association was founded, Quest University has had 3 presidents, several lawsuits, and a long CCAA process culminating in the recently signed deal with Primacorp. We are infinitely grateful to the team of alum who started and carried this association through the last three years – specifically Brad Klees, Becca Dickenson, Colin Wilt, Easton Smith, Barbara Fernandes, and Eva Schipper.

Contact Us

While we are working behind-the-scenes to make these things happen, we're always available to chat. You can reach us at