Our Mission

The Quest University Alumni Association was founded in 2017 when a group of alumni recognized the need to establish an alumni-focused organisation independent of Quest. Our mission is to:

          1. Support a thriving, global network across our members

          2. Promote a community culture of curiosity, life-long learning, and engagement

          3. Provide resources and support to meet the needs of Quest alumni and Quest University in our world               today


Our board of directors is composed of volunteer alumni from 5 cohorts and 6 time zones, with professional/educational backgrounds as diverse as film production, banking, psychology, education, community organising, business, and law.

Since the alumni association was founded, many individual alumni have given their time, their energy, their expertise, end more, to help it grow and thrive. We are infinitely grateful those who started and carried this association through the last four years – particularly Brad Klees, Becca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Easton Smith, Barbara Fernandes, and Eva Schipper.

Caitlin Mooney-Fu, 2014

Xaviera Diaz, 2016

Raoul Tillieux, 2018

Claire MacMurray, 2018

Josie Bauman, 2019

Zanna Kortenhof, 2020