QUCAA Not-for-profit status

We’re happy to announce that the Quest University Canada Alumni Association is now a registered Not-for-profit coorporation, incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

What does this mean? A few things:

  1. The QUCAA is now a legal entity separate from Quest University Canada. This distinction will allow us to better pursue our goals of advocacy and alumni services, underpinned by financial and operational independence.
  2. Legal status means that the processes for member input, as well as organizational accountability, are formal and clear. Alumni membership will be formally issued at our first Director’s meeting in January. You can review your rights as a member here.

The basics:

  1. The majority of the QUCAA Executive Team that was elected in 2017 has transitioned into a provisional board of directors. One previous Executive Member has discontinued, while Eva Schipper (who was the only nominee in elections run during late summer 2018) has joined the provisional board. As it stands the provisional board consists of Eva Schipper, Rebecca Dickinson, Easton Smith, Bradley Klees, Colin Wilt, and Barbara Fernandes.
  2. A first director’s meeting will take place to organize the corporation through the adoption of various resolutions.
  3. Actions at the first director’s meeting may include:
    • making by-laws
    • organizing corporate records
    • appointing officers
    • appointing an interim public accountant
    • issuing memberships
    • making banking arrangements
    • transacting any other business.
  4. ¬†The provisional board¬†will carry the organization through to our first member’s meeting in Spring 2019.
  5. This member’s meeting is where bylaws proposed by the provisional board can be discussed and amended on. It is also when new directors may be elected according to the enacted bylaws.

Resources for you:

Next steps following incorporation

The roles and responsibilities of directors

The rights and responsibilities of members

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