QUCAA Executive Elections – Fall 2018

Nominations are open now!

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Looking Ahead

In order to be truly independent from Quest and to fulfill our mission, it is important to register the QUCAA as a legal Not-for-profit Corporation (NFP). As we transition from an ad-hoc organization to a formal one, our governance structure also change as well. NFP application us underway, and the election process has been modified as follows. You can read the full email memo on this topic here.

The Plan

The current executive team will complete the NFP registration process and, by virtue of this, become “first members” of the inaugural board. This board will continue the business elements of the association, ensuring continuity with the work that has already been put into NFP registration. Current executive members may also decide to end their term.

A new, smaller executive team will be elected by the membership at large according to the timeline below. The positions are: President, Fundraising and Events Coordinator, Communication Coordinator, and Secretary/Treasurer. This team will assume the public roles of advocacy, support, and organizational matters.

Elections Timeline


August 24th: Nominations open for all positions

September 7th: Nominations close

September 12th: Voting opens for all QUCAA members

September 23rd: Voting closes

September 28th: Announcement of results

November 1stNew Executive Team becomes active


*Any Quest University Canada graduate is eligible to run for any of the posted positions, regardless of current location.*


Positions Open for Nomination


  1. The ambassador and spokesperson for the Association;
  2. Shall be the official representative of the Association at the University, shall promote the goals of the University and shall be the primary representative on University committees unless delegated or deemed necessary by an Alumni Council Resolution.;
  3. Shall communicate with Council members and the relevant Alumni Affairs staff of the University to ensure fulsome communication with Association members. In particular, the President shall provide semi-annual reports and ensure minutes of meetings are available to all members;
  4. Shall carry on the usual duties of a President, presiding at meetings, exercising general supervision and overseeing the interests of the Association and shall oversee the carrying out of duties by the Alumni Council and the Executive team;
  5. Shall assign appropriate executive members to act in his or her stead when the President is unavailable;
  6. Shall represent the Association to the Quest University Canada Board of Governors and pursue Alumni representation on said Board;
  7. Shall sit as ex officio member of all Council committees.


  1. Shall solicit and collate meeting agendas and arrange meeting times and venues;
  2. Shall record meeting minutes and attendance;
  3. Shall oversee the timely and transparent production of meeting minutes for review by all Members, in whatever format deemed necessary;
  4. Shall be the primary monitor of the Association email account, distributing messages and tasks as necessary; and
  5. Shall report on the status of all Association funds and property at each General Meeting;
  6. Shall developing and oversee budgets for each fiscal year including requests for future expenses;
  7. Shall develop and manage all Association investments and property;
  8. Shall work with the Fundraising and Events Coordinator to develop strategies to meet the fiscal needs of the Alumni Association;
  9. Shall work with the QUCAA Board to ensure fulfillment of legal requirements accorded due to NFP status.

Fundraising and Events Coordinator

  1. Shall oversee planning, executing, and reporting to Association on fundraising campaigns throughout the year;
  2. Shall work closely with President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Communications Coordinator to execute campaigns.
  3. Shall lead and elect events subcommittees
  4. Shall plan and executing alumni events (e.g., socials, networking/professional, educational, fundraising etc.)

Communications Leader

  1. Shall maintain and update the QUCAA update
  2. Shall update alumni on news from the QUCAA and the University via email communication and Facebook group
  3. Shall coordinate the solicitation of feedback from alumni
  4. Shall promote events and campaigns organized by the Association

Email us with questions anytime at quest.alumni@questu.ca!

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