QUC Board Meeting Update: November 2018

Submitted by Anna Lippman ’13, Member of the Quest University Canada Board of Governors

Hi everyone,

As part of my role on the board, and in conjunction with the QUCAA, I will be providing regular updates of board activities. The board recently held its November meeting and I’ve included some highlights, so you can stay informed. Please reach out if you have any questions to anna.lippman@gmail.com

• A conflict of interest policy was unanimously adopted by the board. It is attached for your viewing pleasure

• Both a student and faculty liaison have been added to the board. While they are not voting members, they attend all meetings and help advise the board of student and faculty perspectives. At this meeting, their roles were clarified through respective Terms of Reference.

• The board remains committed to creating a student experience committee, which brings together representatives from aspects of Quest life to discuss the holistic experience of students from admission to graduation (and beyond!). The Terms of Reference for this Board committee were approved by the Governance Committee the day following the board meeting, subject to review by the individuals who will serve on the Student Experience Committee. The board hopes a meeting will be held still this year.

• The board acknowledged and discussed Quest’s current debt and various ways to resolve it. The board remains confident that the debt will be addressed.

• The board held an open question and answer session with the student body. It was well attended and helped to open up a dialogue about some board processes. It was also a good opportunity for the board to help quash rumors, provide facts, and clarify media reports. This forum helped the board understand some of the main concerns students have about Quest and students offered some helpful suggestions on ways the board can communicate moving forward. The board is hoping to hold forums like this at least twice a year.

Anna Lippman ’14


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