November 20, 2017

Qucaa Executive Team Meeting Notes

Present: Bradley Klees, Rebecca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Barbara Fernandes, Easton Smith, and Lilli Keuchle
Chair: Bradley Klees
Time: 7:00 PM

Summary: November & December Events, Fundraising, Website, Values Activity, QUCAA x BOG

November and December Events were discussed as follows:

  • Sunday 10 December: Alumni Brainstorming Session in Vancouver
  • December TBD: Events surrounding Keystone presentations and the December graduation. This may possibly entail two events, a practical one on the day of keystone turn-in to gather information and a ceremonial event after the presentations are done.


Fundraising Campaign discussion led by Colin Wilt

  • A $25,000 goal (an average of $50/alumni) was discussed by the team as a target amount.  
  • Realistically, it is acknowledged that $15-25 may be a more reasonable amount. However there are benefits to aiming high. Marjorie may be able to match every donation with $10
  • As a secondary goal fundraising for an Alumni scholarship may create a “spirit of philanthropy”
  • The campaign would benefit from a direct pitch from Marjorie
  • Potential incentives discussed– raffle, sticker, etc.


Website 2.0 discussion— action points for Eva

  • What do we want out of the website this year? Requests must take into account the fact that Eva is working pro bono.
    • Ability to collect payment
    • SEO optimization– currently not showing up on google results
    • Alumni portal
    • Forum section– list opportunities, typeform to submit job postings, etc
    • Documents section
    • Little icon next to tab name
    • Better aesthetics
    • Editing/updating abilities for Executive team
    • Newsletter archive section (in Docs section)
    • Featured Alumni section
    • Link to values activity web form


Values activity with Marjorie (Brad)

  • Marjorie has contacted us asking for Alumni support in a series of activities that will be taking place with everyone on campus. The goal of these activities is to look seriously at the values of the University and how these values are in action
  • Ideas collected here will be fed into the new strategic plan in Jan-Feb
  • Events will include Community day and lunchtime events.
  • Options for engaging Alumni in this process were discussed. This is a meaningful way to give back without spending money


Discussion about obtaining a seat on the board of governors (Brad)

  • Before the holidays the goal is to send a letter to the board introducing ourselves formally– Brad and Easton will draft and send in about two weeks


8:13 PM – Meeting Concluded