March 21, 2018

Qucaa Executive Team Meeting Notes

Present: Bradley Klees, Rebecca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Barbara Fernandes, and Easton Smith.
Apologies: Lilli Keuchle
Chair: Bradley Klees
Time: 7:00PM

Summary: Fundraising, Alumni & BOG, Grad Event


  • Marjorie’s donation of $10,000 is to support a donor culture among Alumni. Funds raised through this initiative will go to the creation of a foundation for an Alumni scholarship.
  • Campaign naming was discussed by those present, and below are some of the suggestions.
    • Wonham Alumni Collaborative Foundation
    • Quest-Wonham Alumni Partnership
    • Drive to 25
  • Campaign goals were discussed. At this stage, because the fund will take many years to mature, specifics are not needed to justify the campaign. We can truthfully state that the scholarship will be developed for “high need” students, and future Executive teams will have control over the exact administration of the funds.
  • Regarding donation logistics, it was decided that donors will be routed from the alumni website to the Giving page on the quest website which is managed by Quest’s communication team. Funds will be deposited into a separate line in the Quest account for which we will have signing authority. This arrangement will remain until that time which the QUCAA can hold its own bank account as a register not-for-profit organization.
  • Strategies for campaign messaging was discussed. Brad expressed his interest in continuing to work on a Communications Plan to guide the messaging of the initiative.
    • Volume versus dollar amount
    • Double every dollar with Marjorie’s dollar?
    • Sponsorships to incentivize donation
  • Staff and faculty donations were discussed
    • Let’s not spam the professors.
    • Focus on sharing via networks instead of asking for donations point-blank
  • Colin has also worked with the SRC to secure a one-time donation of $4,000 so the QUCAA now has an operating budget. The logistics of moving this money around will be managed by Colin.
  • There is also an understanding that the SRC is going to begin charging a $40 fee to 4th year students (on top of other student fees) which will create a constant revenue stream for the QUCAA. This is a topic that will need to be pursued with the incoming SRC for the 2018-19 school year.


Alumni representation on the Quest Board of Governors

  • Position description is available from the BoG: importantly NOT a representative of alumni, but an Alumni who is contributing to the future of Quest.
  • Plans were devised for the nomination and election process, which will begin in earnest around April 15th.


Grad event May 5th

  • Plans were discussed regarding the upcoming graduation ceremony and the desired QUCAA involvement
  • The goal is to have keychains available as gifts for graduates by this point. Brad is working with Eva on designs and with the producer to ensure that deadlines are met.


7:35 PM – Meeting Concluded