June 13, 2018

Qucaa Executive Team Meeting Notes

Present: Bradley Klees, Rebecca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Barbara Fernandes, and Easton Smith
Apologies: Lilli Keuchle
Chair: Bradley Klees
Time: 7:00PM

Summary: Fundraiser Updates, Facebook Procedures, Constitutional Changes, Advocacy for Re-Naming Quest, Marketing for Admissions & QUCAA, Family Weekend Event, Fall 2018 Elections

Fundraiser Updates

  • Eva is working on website page for the fundraiser that contains everything we need to run a smooth operation
  • Brad in contact with Abby, Flora regarding costs — as it looks currently there will not be any additional costs for holding raised funds at Quest. However confirmation is still needed and Brad has a conference call on Monday to finalize
  • QUF may be able to process U.S. donations and provide tax receipts
  • July 1st release date? Need to set and plan communications (BECCA AND BRAD)

Facebook Procedures

  • Check Mailchimp list before including anyone in Facebook group — it contains our full up-to-date membership list for reference
  • There is a message draft in Google Docs>Communication for ungraduated requests


  • Reminder of why we need a new constitution — a more robust document is needed before we can register as a NFP
  • BARBARA to draft addition to elections bylaw concerning non-Exec monitor for elections
  • Discussion on process for voting in a new constitution

Advocacy for re-naming Quest Discussion (Easton)

  • Some alumni and executive team members believe that Quest’s name is not taken seriously and limits our ability to market the university to potential students.
  • While this is an interesting question for us to explore it is probably not a QUCAA or Quest priority
  • Funding due to the naming rights of the school at one point — is this a limitation for any potential name change?
  • Need to assess how rebranding would affect bottom line

Marketing for Admissions and QUCAA

  • Proposal to create page on the website with
  • universities and programs alumni have gone to
  • employment: company, title, field of work
  • accomplishments and awards: papers published, awards people have won, etc

Parent Event During Family weekend (BARBARA)

  • Nov 2-4, Alumni breakfast for the parents on Sunday morning
  • Create link on our website for parents to purchase tickets to the breakfast
  • Fundraising opportunity for our scholarship fund  (cost of the breakfast + a certain % that will go to the fund)


  • Discussion on critical path below
  • Need to create Elections Council


Complete By Date


June 18th


Election process text to Eva for website construction.

  • Descriptions of roles and responsibilities
  • Election process
  • Voting timelines

July 1st


Typeform created w/attachment capability for photo, cover letter.

*Research other options for free, secure voting?

Second week July

Full elections email

August 10th


Nominations OPEN:

  • Website Election Page public
  • Email/Facebook communication
  • Monitoring questu.ca webmail for questions
  • REMINDER email August 20th

August 31st


Nominations CLOSE

  • Information to Eva for posting on Website

September 10th

Voting OPEN

  • Nominee details live on Website
  • Email/Facebook Communication
  • Monitoring questu.ca webmail for questions
  • REMINDER email September 17th

September 21st

Voting CLOSE

  • Data collected, collated for count

September 28th

Results Public

  • Email/Facebook communication to QUCAA including date of effect, any handover period
  • Email introductions to BoG, QUC staff


7:53 – Meeting Concluded