February 20, 2018

Qucaa Executive Team Meeting Notes

Present: Bradley Klees, Rebecca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Barbara Fernandes, Easton Smith, and Lilli Keuchle
Chair: Bradley Klees
Time: 7:00PM

Summary: Fundraising Update, SRC Meeting, Upcoming Email Comms, Diaspora Map

Fundraising Update (Colin)

  • Ink to the people– they take care of everything
  • Need more details
  • Cost is $30 per shirt, kind of like gofundme
  • Up to nine products
  • Need to sell 250 in shirts to get $1500 in product– possibly in tandem with gofundme
  • Possibility of a tiered system (donate $50, get a tee shirt etc)
  • Eva is redoing logo so we’re waiting on that
  • Discussion on slack for fundraising blurb ideas

SRC Meeting (Colin)

  • Additional student fee ($10 per year) for AA
  • Not opposed about the idea, just need to flesh out the details
  • Hold off until we get closer with the exec?

Upcoming email (Brad)

  • March 8 Back to University Wine and Cheese
  • TedX (include link)
  • Our_Futures? JK no
  • New website coming soon (with bomb photo of Eva)
  • Carpool discussion in FB group post? Google docs?

Diaspora discussion (Brad)

  • Map behind password?
  • Quest around the world?