December 4, 2017

Qucaa Executive Team Meeting Notes

Present: Bradley Klees, Rebecca Dickinson, Colin Wilt, Barbara Fernandes, Easton Smith, and Lilli Keuchle
Chair: Bradley Klees
Time: 7:00PM

Summary: Beer & Brainstorm Event, Polaris Event, Welcome Keystone Students, Connecting w Alumni Parents, Connecting w Question Block, QUCAA x BOG, Website, General To-Dos

Beer and Brainstorm– Barbara

  • Lilli will make facebook event

Polaris: New Questival? –Barbara

  • December 15th (Friday) 10 spots
  • Sign up sheet at our Beer and Brainstorm
  • If more than ten people sign up we will draw randomly.

Welcome event for Keystone students– Barbara

  • Signing ceremony date will be the only one that will work (18 Decembe) 4:30-5??
  • Decision: Piggyback onto signing ceremony with sign-up for email list and small announcement
  • Send Keystone presentation out to alumni
  • Invite December class to Beers and Brainstorm– how do we get in touch with them?
  • Photo of graduating class group pic– feature on next newsletter (Barbara will book meeting with marina to coordinate)
  • Brad will shoot an email for Marina to forward to grad class (include beers and brainstorm?)

Linking up parents instead of mid or late career alumni– Easton

  • Forward message to parents, asking them to volunteer professional advice, provide connections
  • Coordinate with Krystle with survey (Easton), initial email once we have enough people (Brad & Easton), page on website (ask eva)? By profession or region.

Account information– Brad

  • Make account list with usernames and passwords (Brad will set up on the shared drive)

Linking alumni with kids in question block– Easton

  • Raoul’s idea– proposed that alumni mentor in kids Question block with similar interests, similar grad school/career goals
  • Skype with mentors a few times
  • Share list with Question tutors, email everyone who gave info via typeform to let them know what’s going on
  • Sign up for slots? Maybe everyone’s adults, people can decline.
  • Feedback if it’s a burden for alumni then we can offer support
  • Steps:
    1. Initial email to CAO (Becca).
    2. Email to Alumni saying that we want to provide info for Question block students (Brad).
    3. Send excel file to Question tutors

Board of Governors seat update

  • Easton & Brad are finishing draft of letter to send to the Board (will share in the next day or two)
  • SRC is in touch with us (Brad will forward) with strongly worded statement
  • We have to be a voting member (Brad, make this change!)

Website update

  • Eva created a priority matrix, will work on it over the term
  • Brad will share on slack
  • Payments & Software– eva will hold off until we have a clear idea where the money is going
  • Waiting on Colin for this (draft ready for the Beer and Brainstorm event, friday at the latest)

Next meeting

  • touch base at the Brainstorm event monday then figure out a good time throughout the holidays (Lilli will coordinate)
  • Organized and clean google drive– everything in the QUCAA drive, nothing in our personal drives


To Do Lists


  • Finish drafting letter to BOG and send it to us
  • Change letter to reflect our desire for voting member status
  • Share website priority matrix on Slack
  • Draft email to alumni re: Question block mentorship
  • Send excel file of alumni info to question tutors
  • Make an excel file with all of our passwords and usernames for the QUCAA accounts
  • Draft initial email to parents re: mentorship w/ Easton
  • Send us correspondence with the SRC


  • Finish drafting letter w/ Brad to BOG and send it to us
  • Coordinate with Krystle for parent survey re: mentorship & professional connections
  • Draft initial email to parents w/ Brad


  • Draft initial email to CAO re: mentorship for kids in Question block (James Byrne is the current CAO)


  • Funding plan ready for Beers and Brainstorm (and preferably to us sooner)


  • Sign-up sheet for Polaris ready for Beers and Brainstorm
  • Figure out how to get in touch with the December grads to invite to B+B
  • Coordinate full-class photo for December grads with Marina


  • Create Facebook event for Beers and Brainstorm
  • Coordinate December holiday meeting time