Quest Alumni Scholarship Drive

Building an Endowment to support tomorrow's Quest students

The goal:

Raise $20,000 by the end of 2018. Establish the Quest Alumni Scholarship Endowment. Every donation matched one-for-one.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Quest Alumni Scholarship Drive, possible with generous support from Marjorie and Anne Wonham. They believe in the ability of Quest Alumni to start something great, and we do too. The funds raised here will form the seed money for a Quest Alumni Scholarship Endowment. In coming years, this endowment will grow through interest and future fundraising campaigns. In the spirit of offering a Quest education to a diverse range of students, it will eventually help provide a QUCAA scholarship for high-need students.


Donate CAD $30 or more and get this limited edition QUCAA

Is the keychain worth $30? No. Is it a symbol of our undying gratitude? Absolutely. (We’ll ship bi-monthly to new donors.)


Why a scholarship?

We believe this is where your dollars can have the largest impact. Other initiatives to which Alumni might donate—infrastructure upgrades or capital projects—are much more expensive and challenging for the Alumni community to affect. Initiatives like arts and culture programs or field trips fall short of the lasting impact we think is possible.

A QUCAA scholarship strikes a balance between two priorities that we hold dear: contributing to Quest’s mission while maintaining Alumni ownership over an impactful program. Seeding a scholarship also builds on our belief that diversity and equality of access at Quest are something we must work towards ourselves, not just advocate for. Many of us benefited from generous subsidies for our Quest education, and we hope you will join us in our effort to expand the reach of Quest’s financial aid programs.

This is not a donation to Quest

The donation button links you to the Quest giving page, and donors will recieve an auto-reply from George Iwama thanking you for “your donation to Quest.” As confusing as it may seem, rest assured that donations you make are to the QUCAA alone! Funds raised through the Quest Alumni Scholarship Drive are being held in a separately controlled Quest account while the QUCAA pursues legal status as a registered non-profit. When that status is secured, the funds will be transferred to the QUCAA accounts. This status will allow the QUCAA to exercise financial autonomy into the future.

While this is an effort spearheaded by Alumni and the Wonhams, it will take a broader community to bring the endowment to fruition. Please share this campaign with your family, friends, or anyone else you know who supports student access to Quest and its mission of transformative education.

A message from Marjorie

Alumni of Quest: you are a phenomenally talented, interesting, and compassionate group of people! As the university moves into its second decade, your network is coalescing into a powerful force of good in the world.

I am supporting your development because I am so tremendously proud of you, and because you are the past and the future of Quest.