Anna Lippman (’13) Named First Alumni to Quest Board of Governors

In discussions with the Alumni Association last year, the Board determined that it was time to include alumni status as an important factor to consider when filling out Board seats. The Board worked with the Alumni Association to identify three candidates for the Board to consider, which the Alumni managed through an election process.

Anna graduated from Quest in 2013 and is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts, Sociology, at York University in Toronto. She is active in her community wherever she goes, having served on many Boards and Committees, including the Family Services Board Toronto; Common Compass, Toronto; Select Committee of Public Art, Squamish; Squamish Public Library; Public Library Interlink, British Columbia; British Columbia Library Trustee Association; as well as serving as Vice President of the Quest SRC.

She also has extensive social work experience through her work at YWCA Toronto; Kennedy Youth Center, Toronto;  Ajincourt Community Services, Toronto; Homes First Society, Toronto; Howe Sound Women’s Center; Squamish Helping Hands; the Squamish Youth Centre; and  Hollyburn Family Services.

Congratulations Anna!



Dear fellow alumni,

I am very excited and honoured for the opportunity to sit on the QUC Board of Governors and help represent alumni interests. Thank you for trusting me with this challenge. Like all of you, Quest holds a special place in my heart. As a board member, my goal will be to support Quest’s sustainability, while helping it remain true to its original vision.

During my term on the board, I hope to provide transparency, accountability, and greater communication to the Quest community. Quest grows and evolves because of student (and alumni!) initiative and a willingness to ask questions and try different things. I believe that the governance of the school should be no different. I endeavour to represent you with the integrity and engagement befitting a Quest graduate.

Anna Lippman ’13

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